Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 45

perspective changed a little more today. in relation to music and services and worship, all i'd ever really known was either on-stage participation or participation as an individual in a congregation. today we showed the annual music video we'd been working on and it was all really exciting. after the presentation, i looked towards the stage over the light board and computer screen and one hand pulsed and adjusted stage lights while the other hand's fingers flicked through the power point slides of verses and choruses. i'd never been on this side before- here with the buttons and little tech talk that i never really wanted to fall into too deeply. the band here has been set and established, yet i'm the one who never really gave much thought to this background job when roles had once been reversed. after all, i honestly admit, nobody really ever turns around unless a mic dies or you forget to click the next slide.

powerpoint can be tricky if you're not paying attention to every word and rhythm. during one song, give us clean hands, perspectives changed again. this time, it shifted a year back when that song had a pretty prominent role in the music planning of a leadership role with a teen missions team. australia was a year ago. already. this summer, i'm not playing much music right now and it feels weird. strange. sometimes i wonder if my fingers will forget things and i still wouldn't trade clicks of a mouse or slider slides and flashing lights for what i knew and had before, but these are just some changes being made. learned.

this camp life is getting busier. this is the last calendar week of preparation. i like what i'm learning and i've been learning a lot. but today, more than anytime i'd ever really known before, i miss the music.

the accompaniment of recently discovered jaymay chilled the office work today. usually i don't like girl solo artists, but she's not bad. at all.

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Caleb said...

yeah, i do a lot of background sound, a/v, lighting type stuff, and its true, nobody cares unless you make a mistake. it's one of the most underrated jobs.