Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 32

jack kerouac's story 'on the road' accompanied a day of editing video and planning. music helps to offset the false light and stiff air of the office environment during these days that involve spending the majority of the workday up in the loft. one girl said she'd draw pictures to hang on the walls. this will be a much welcome addition.

after dinner, a few of us drove into town to chill at starbucks and then picked up some snacks at walmart to add to the midnight-snack stash. i wasn't too picky over coffee and the baristas ended up coaching me through the little process and made me something they promised to replace free of charge if i didn't like the creation. i was satisfied. wal-mart shopping turns into a completely different experience when there are only a few dollars to be spent on a few necessary items. and snacks. i thought it funny that when i have less dollars, i begin to notic other things i could buy instead of what i need to buy, but when i have a regular paycheck i can get only what i came to get without a second thought. having more than enough of money would take a lot of fun out of life, i'd imagine, because you could get whatever you wanted whenever you wanted it and still not understand why.
the whole trip turned out to be a lot of fun and we taped the empty coffee cup to the top of the car again. the passenger reactions of passing vehicles was even better than last time. i think this was because we saw the full process of the transition from gesturing to their realization of the purpose of the cup and its location. after a laugh or a wave, their cars would speed past and away into the dark highway ahead.

i'm going to spend the night with some people outside at the top of the climbing tower.

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