Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day 182.5: Six Months With Yourself

today is my equinox of sorts. six months. word.

we did music this morning for church. people dug the harmonica and everyone was excited. the vibe was incredible.

people brought their best home creations and there was a bread and soup meal after church. pastor shawn had talked about relationships and making efforts to talk to people, new people, and to engage new relationships and during the meal i met some cool people who've inspired me to explore ideas of a couple new places and pursuits.

i wanted to say that i'm starting to feel like i'm losing touch with wordsmith abilities here. i was reading some of the old posts linked in the concordance of cool and colloquial dates and stories. they're descriptive and alive and not just lists of sentences. in my mind, i realize that this has been six straight months of daily posts. i am getting kind of tired.

still, these daily occurrences are exciting and more than worth writing down. this life is worth remembering and sharing.

there's a dusty but solid accordion at the pawn shop. i played it a few weeks ago. i haven't mentioned it to many, but i've wanted an accordion for a long, long time. jeremy, one of the guys in our band, got excited at this idea and said he'd chip in fifty bones towards its purchase. we're gonna talk to one of the cafe owners at church to see if we can play some chill stuff in his shop in order to make tips for the purchase. i might start teaching harmonica lessons too because some people want to learn.

but seriously, how sweet would an accordion/harmonica combo be? give me a winter with that and i'd be down to tour the world and make money as i go.

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