Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 177

i'm trying to decide if it would be right to just go ahead and post up without saying anything about election. maybe you're like me- you've heard enough about it from everywhere. even people in canada care. a lot.

so. i'll be waiting up here for you guys.


we moved into our house finally. i'm still up in the air about a couple decisions that need to be made, but either one looks good.

the kitchen is long and open and has an island with large, log benches. that's where i'm at, on the flat half of a lifted tree, sitting next to the wide window. the first real snowfall of the season has just stopped and the accumulation on trees and grass are doing their best to hold the white better than the pavement. the highway is visible from where i sit and there's a side street next to us. already, the people we know will stop by the house or wave as they drive by. the fernie stop n shop convenience store has lived up to its name. it's right across the side street and i'm on its wireless right now. over and above that, the nearby mountain is in clear view, giving perfect indication of the day's snowfall conditions.

tonight i was googling things like 'cheap meals' and the like. just getting ready. then i happened to find this quote..

“they take great pride in making their dinner cost much; i take my pride in making my dinner cost so little.”
henry david thoreau

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