Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 198

i get older today. it has come fast. still, a big realization came around the age of twelve when i suddenly found my mind telling me that turning '18' or '21' wouldn't be 'bang you're now this age' moment. you just open your eyes that morning and keep breathing and the calendar does the rest. the other day a friend from home and i were discussing birthdays and i wondered if all birthdays are meant to be realized about six months after they actually happen- as if they're a delayed cycle and we really end up breaking into our new number several months after the actual day of birth. like a good pair of jeans.

i imagine one of those signs from the outback that would say 'last stop for gas' for the next insane amount of kilometers. twenty-one is that shiny road sign, just down the road from the 'welcome to eighteen' gas station, but in small print under the 'last stop' part is another sentence. 'see you when you're fifty.'

special thanks to the friends that made this the best foreign birthday. seriously. good times.

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Joshua Field said...

happy birthday bro, I'm almost at that road sign myself.