Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 10

we were sitting around the rec office late last night when dave confirmed his full gas tank to our group's undecided journey. tim and i figured out the cost of splitting surf rental fees and jen made some calls to find the best surf shops in tofino. as we chilled after our day of work, we talked bout going to a nearby beach for either the night or early in the morning, but one thing led to another and ideas bounced around the room until we decided to leave at 5:30 am the next morning to make the 3 plus hour drive to surf. to prepare for our journey and to continue to fuel the excitement that had previously been conceived through earlier considerations of a spur-of-the-moment mountain camping trips and such, we watched 'into the wild.' morning came and thus began the great day-off surf trip.

five of us packed into dave's orange, two-door toyota tercell. our backpacks barely fit in the trunk and our knees were sacrificed to the already tight confines of the economy car, but we were all pumped to be heading through the woodland highway for the adventure that laid ahead. such experiences included stopping to take pictures of wild, rocky rapids and small rock-climbing excursions and pocket change coffee stops at tired looking gas stations. at one point, we pulled to the shoulder to get out of the car and i headed towards a black bear to get a quick picture of the two of us and then we all piled back in. no injuries. picture to come.

the coastal city destination invited us with a restaurant sign for $2 tacos. our group readily agreed to this but we ended up settling for breakfast at a waterfront place because tacos aren't served in the morning. shame. then we rented wet suits and added surfboards to the top of our already overloaded vehicle.

misty grey skies and temperatures somewhere in the american 60's greeted us at the mountain-bordered beach. six foot waves crashed rhythmically and powerfully to bring icy waters to our ankles. we stayed at the beach and surfed for several hours. i had a really good 3 seconds at one point on the board.

on the ride home, music and conversations were interrupted several times by three more black bear sightings and a couple stops to take pictures at more beaches and mountains and at a giant troll-dwarf thing. so much more happened but it's well past midnight and there are things we'll be doing around camp tomorrow morning. good day.

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