Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 20

tonight has to be fast, but i've finished the video. i'm happy with it and it seems to be a success. tonight after dinner, shaun and i went to the barn to work out and were met on the way back by a black bear. he was just chillin in the middle of the path. i took a few steps forward and the fella backed up a bit, but we decided to take the beach back to camp in case momma bear was sittin around ahead ready to drop us. i felt like davey crocket.

tomorrow begins my weekend off and the new zealand guys and i and another chick are goin to victoria to see what we can find to do. after a quality jam session just now, we've decided to bring our guitars and harmonicas with so that we might play the songs we've been making if the opportunity presents itself.

also, the head video guy asked if i wanna be responsible for putting together the advanced crew video. this is really good new cause now i have a personal purpose for bringing a camera on any such pre-camp adventures we may have in order to get footage for the video. i'm bringing a cam tomorrow on our trip for sure. this could turn into another documentary perhaps. we'll see. should be good.

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