Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day 8

children ran around again today and we shot more video. that's about it in so many words. there were some quality things that came from it though.

right now, beatles are loud and i'm taking a break from editing today's sunday highlights video as i wait for the last tape to capture. this new mac book pro is doing really well and to be honest the shooting and editing flow is going better than i expected. its only the third day of doing video work and everything feels good and is definitely fun.

tonight there was a talent show for family camp. mostly it was kids who danced or shyly whispered phrases of a song into a choked microphone. one of my roommates who plays electric and the head of the music/video department agreed to throw something together for a closing act. he was on acoustic, the roommate on electric, and i had a keyboard and harmonicas on the neck for a stand of impromptu 12 bar blues for everyone. after that, we broke into piano man. people said they really enjoyed it and were thankful, but really i'm thankful for the chance to play music with people again. it was a blast. now, it's the beginning of a hard days night as me and the other video guys will be up late as i finish editing and then we burn, label, and package our weekend's production so that they'll be ready at noon for the end of family camp. here we go.

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