Friday, May 16, 2008

Day 6

it has begun. the three of us spent today getting ready for the mass of families and doing other random computer work. the campers are here now and we just got done shooting most of what we could before the darkness took over. it's really exciting to have a camera when people are reacting well.

one of the video guys is editing tonight's stuff, the other guy is editing tomorrow's material, and i'm editing sunday's shots. good workflow. i only had the small handicam tonight so i kept my slr camera bag on me just so that things seemed a little more official and not so much like a 'disneyland vacation' production. it worked well and i got to do some still shots too.

in the mid 1800's, thoreau once said that "men have become tools of their tools" and after spending almost all day working on computer and equipment issues around the office i can only wonder what form of truth revealed to him the nature of the incomparable future's validity of these words.

something is going wrong in the office with the cameras right now. i'm gonna check it out. this is where things get busy and run late. here we go.

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