Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 137

grey rain filtered from the sky as i woke up and made a bend in aluminum blinds. they snapped back into place and i continued to see that fall is all about the heavy drizzle here. no work outside today.

as i checked emails throughout today, i was surprised at the mass of personal messages. from real people. sent just to me. i've never had so many emails in one day that weren't just newsletters and subscriptions.

i don't know how to put it out there, but i want to. the whole canada work permit situation and ideas for direction has been on my mind much lately. with no real work to do and a quiet morning, i turned from the fridge and put back the last burger i'd eyed. for the first real time in my life, i've started a fast. i'd decided to commence last night and, after the confirming cheeseburger denial at breakfast, i spent the morning reading and praying and such about the future and next steps and life and people. this site helped me get started, as i was kind of new to the whole big picture. i'm a very hungry person, it should be known, and now with an hour left before midnight, i am almost finished with my first twenty-four hour fast.

throughout the day, i tried to stay off the computer and did a lot of reading and praying, but i did check back on a correspondence i'd started with someone in fernie. she'd talked to two employers for me and i have their email addresses now for contacting them directly for work. this was encouraging. also, i heard back from a speaker/magazine editor/teacher i'd met over the summer at camp and who, nearly out of the blue, shared "i do know that when you trust Christ entirely in each situation that you will end up in the exact place that He wants you to be regardless of where (geographically) that place is." good timing.

then tonight, parker and i went to help at the high school youth group. afterwards, we chilled with the youth pastor in his office and the guy gave us some cool books about prayer and sharing faith in everyday conversation we'd been looking and talking about. the david crowder book i'm currently reading that i'd linked in a post the other day is ironically based on the death of the pastor and author of that prayer book.

as much as stuff didn't happen today, much has happened indeed. and there are plenty of links to explore now if you so desire.

i've got one more solid hour left.

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