Sunday, September 7, 2008

Day 120

work. church. concert. drumstick.

the first two happened in the morning. we woke up early to put a coat of paint before cleaning up and going to church. by the time the service had ended, it felt like it was five oclock. the church was cool, kind of modernish and met in a high school.

from there we headed into seattle, passing more weird roads like 'puyallup', for the tristan prettyman, john butler trio, and and special sauce concert. the clear, warm afternoon rolled into a balmy darkness. perfect weather for an outdoor evening show.

tristan, a girl with a poppy jazzish voice, went first and, on our way out at the end of the night, parker and i met the others in her band, the two dudes who play drums and bass.

the john butler trio is from australia. their rockish, bluesy, reggae mix and wide variety of rhythms and beats was incredible. they were the most inspiring and talented display of music and skill i've ever seen. death cab was good last week and over the past week, i've really come to appreciate dcfc's unique sound based on listening to their bass lines, but the jbt was stellar. if you want an idea of what i mean about why tonight was so awesome, check out OCEAN. john butler played this for about six minutes. at the end of the set, one of the used drumsticks were tossed and fell just out of my reach. we were standing in the front of the crowd about ten feet from the musicians' feet. a security guard stood between the gap of the stage and the crowd and handed the stick up to me through the stretching and twitching grabs of everyone else along the front row. the stick has the drummer's sig on it and is filled with nicks and nacks of rhythm and performance splendor. and his band was a weird combo of blues and hip hop. he played guitar with a harmonica on the neck and broke into raps halfway through songs. i don't know how i felt about this because it all seemed showy and not flowing from musical inspiration like the others had. if i want to relive their songs, i guess i could because i snagged the set list that was taped on the floor of the stage for their set. another security guard hooked me up on that. i don't know how i got so lucky in such a huge concert.

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