Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 204

mondays. it seems like a lot of people in fernie have the same routine of getting out of the house and heading to the bank and grocery store. especially on the first of the month when rent is due. that and perhaps the fifty degree weather that plagues a ski town of locals and foreigners itching for thick, deep powder. it was humid today. crazy.

today was indeed investment day both in rent and in one other, long anticipated purchase.

i'd started walking down the sidewalk to make this second investment of the day when, in a sudden prod and decision, i turned around and headed for the edge of the world shop. i went to visit greg and to pick up the tripod he wanted to give me. he was upstairs in the back room next to the jam/stock room and as we talked, i noticed a couple beatles books on a shelf. conversations shifted and i ended up getting a story about when he saw them live in 65 in atlanta. legend.

after an hour since first setting out from the house, i grabbed the one hundred fifty bones i'd budgeted from some birthday money, coffee shop gig, and ibook sale and was back on track for the pawn shop. the accordion. i've done it. i have it. the 120, left hand bass buttons are not arranged in a typical, musical scale, but i've learned some songs already. i think this is the best investments i've made.

now, we've just gotten back from monday movie night at greg's house. we watched a documentary on snowboard legend and pioneer craig kelly called 'let it ride.' the room fell quiet and both snowboard gurus and pre-beginner, southern hemisphere groms watched the story of the man who fell into his fame by doing what he loved to do as hard and best as he knew how to do it and for the only reason that it made him happy.

this made me think. snowboarding will be fun for the winter, but no movie or image or person's adventure can be claimed as another's. each lives their own life. each has to live their own life or it isn't much of a life at all.

there were philosophies and words in the movie that i admired. kelly, who tragically died a few year ago in a massive avalanche not too far from here, shared in some footage that he 'doesn't find himself trying to break away from life as much as he is trying to realize it and grow into who he knows he is.'

the actual words to that quote are better than my memory's version but that idea, the word and philosophy, is admirable and inspiring. actions speak louder than words. i have a lot of words here. words.. but this life and perspective from the past two hundred plus days is worth pursuing and defining for as long as i have.

consistent rebirth. rain and sun. night and day. sin and repentance. live and death.


Anonymous said...

I think (and hope) you mean '65 for the concert...although a beatles concert in '85 would definitely have been quite the show to see. lol.

Congrats on the purchase.

vagabonded said...

typo. hah. thank you