Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 222

i used my thumb a lot today.

fernie has a well established travel tradition for those without cars. you walk down the road, about five minutes from our house actually, and across the bridge. that's the hitch point.

from there, its usually only a five to ten minute wait before one of the cars leaving town on the highway will pull over. they're going to the hill too. usually for work. don't get your hopes up for any nicer sedan or pick up truck. only the vans, rusty four by fours and occasional beater are driven by the benevolent who are not too displaced from the overall circumstance you find yourself in. they just have a car.

after working housekeeping for the first half of the day, i hopped over to the resort to play piano for a few hours. both owners have been around for those nights and have introduced themselves. they're cool. i feel privileged to be on a first name basis in only a couple days. it was mostly their doing, but still, i'm really thankful.

then, after the resort, i caught a ride down the mountain to the last coffee house gig. i'm very thankful to those two friends and owners at the shop who have given me the privilege to have played on weekends for the last month. their story is incredible.

they say the best snow doesn't hit the mountain until january or february. until then i'm really content and suddenly busy as well.

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