Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 231

the piano was facing towards the big windows at the bluey, darkening mountains and the low-lit lounge inside was filled with the dinner crowd. families of skiers and couples with wine or martini glasses sat at the sofas and tables around the tall room. i had my own wine glass, a tall, empty sprout sitting at the edge of the top of the piano. the greatest thing about canadian currency is that the five dollar bill is the smallest paper denomination. no silly singles here. diners came along and made requests. kids danced next to the piano and i played them 'tiny dancer.' an american couple asked their waitress to ask me to come visit their table when i had a break.

i went around and met the two. she was excited about an old, antique piano she'd bought at a yard sale not too long ago and he affirmed that it was indeed wonderful. they had some questions about piano and lessons because, as she informed me, she'd been looking for a piano like this for a long time and had waited until she found it to start learning. clearly excited, she asked my opinion on the ethics of the matter of methods for repair. should she replace the keys with plastic for cheap or choose the ivory renovation at the ultimate cost of killing an elephant?

i was hardpressed for an answer as i'd never previously considered that i'd been trouncing the poached pride of some dusted elephant. maybe there's an alternative, or maybe call the manufacturer to see how exactly they make their keys. that was the best advice i could give seeing that i'm no expert in piano building or instruction. they were kind and interesting throughout the conversation, still i felt a little like an over-esteemed celebrity in that place in time. i just play piano, really. i have no answers.

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