Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 232

there was an avalanche nearby. apparently this is made news today around north america. thanks for the emails and concerns though.

tonight i took a break from playing piano to chill with the same couple from last night and we got to talking about avalanches. some slides produce winds over two hundred miles an hour, making the gusts alone enough to snap trees in the path below. the only way to try to survive an avalanche is to either try to try to swim atop it or, if close enough to the edges, use your elbows to make an air pocket in front of the face and then dig up.

we talked about music and then he explained his work as an aircraft mechanic. they asked about my journey and travels and were really encouraging towards the music path that's been developing lately.

in the middle of all this, i quietly think to myself that all these conversations and meetings are the greatest experiences of this gig.

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