Sunday, December 7, 2008

Day 210

there's something going on. pastor shawn started telling me about it last night and how it started in portland with imago dei's pastor rick mckinley . how about that link action.

this something is called the advent conspiracy. i highly encourage following that link and watching the video on the right side. i liked the idea and it reminded me of when, at about the age of twelve, our family stopped the gift givingness of christmas. i didn't like it then, but it made sense soon enough. now i like it. simple. real.

now tonight after some afternoon grocery shopping- to get ahead of the typical fernie monday as described in last monday's post- and some beans and rice dinner, i've been looking at information on poets laureate. seems like a cool job.

this is sunday night. the kiwi boys are writing music on guitar in their room down the hall, bob dylan is singing on the ipod deck in the kitchen, and tim is thumbing through a stack of dvds and reading the online synopsis for each as we draw nearer to appointing the chosen one.

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tunanut_drawnonward said...

Geez...why does your blog hate me now?

I'm just trying to leave a comment to say that advent conspiracy is talked about in this book called Jesus for President that I think you should read.

3rd times a charm, right?