Monday, October 20, 2008

Day 163

monday. the stores are open for business and adam and i headed to the grocery store at 8 a.m. to inquire about interviews. instead, we were rescheduled for tomorrow morning, leaving the rest of the day open to search for immediate work.

we skated and walked an incredible distance today. the distance was so great that we almost forded the shallowest part of a rushing stream in the rain to avoid having to circle around. we didn't wade.

after stopping by the supermarket for a cheap lunch, we walked over to the nearby best western, the one we'd stayed our first two nights in, and walked into the large lobby. we sat by the fireplace to wait out the rain. the girl at the desk looked at the both of us, smiling in recognition and in full knowledge that we'd checked out yesterday. she was the same aussie chick who'd urged me to make a phone call using the front desk phone so i didn't have to use the pay phone. we knew she was cool with us eating lunch and drying off by the fire. yesterday already seems so far away. these past three days have been huge- time becomes so much more aware when you get up early and walk and longboard everywhere.

earlier, i'd noticed a flyer on the grocery store wall announcing lost dogs. black lab. reward. then today, as i stood outside the bank, waiting for adam to make a transaction, money dog comes wandering up the sidewalk to me. he was soaked and dirty and i reached out for him, slowly, to catch his collar but he backed away. i took a step and he trotted away. we went after him but he disappeared near the railroad tracks.

i went to the church for janitor orientation. i'll start that in a week or so, officially, once the girl who does it now leaves for her trip to india.

i'd started frying up pierogies tonight when jeremy, our host/friend asked us to come with on a business dinner. he's an engineer for the local mines and was working on a business deal with an out-of-town client and wanted some company. we went to a sushi restaurant and, although the service was slow, we had some awesome awesome conversation. i wish i'd had a recorder for it. seriously. type won't do it justice.

adam and i stayed quiet during their opening chatter and the general exchange of mining business banter. i studied the menu. soon, the guy started asking us all about ourselves and the conversation led to christianity. once he found that we'd met jeremy at church, he asked if he could pose a personal question in exchange for a christian perspective on the situation. a rowdy table erupted nearby so we all leaned in a bit as he told us about a close friend and co-worker who'd borrowed a large sum of money, repaid it along with interest, and then had asked for a larger sum. he told us that he'd taken a loan from the bank to lend to his friend. then his friend took off.

he openly stated that he couldn't forgive the man. he explained how much it had hurt his trust, his finances, and his emotions. now, he wanted a christian response.

jeremy opened, explaining the character and personal benefits of forgiveness and how bitterness and resentment can really hurt a person in the long run. he later admitted that he was a bit hesitant on going too spiritual too soon in the middle of a deal. adam kept the point going by explaining how Jesus commands us to forgive and, through it, helps us understand a simpler life of giving while helping to get rid of selfishness. my heart was pounding at this point and i prayed quick that i'd be able to say what i knew i felt about the situation. i finished with the big picture, mentioning a bit about the parallels of Jesus' sacrifice for us and how it enables us to understand and practice a forgiveness that isn't really even human because we understand and accept Jesus' forgiveness towards us.

the business man leaned back, looked me in the eye, and said ''thank you for that. really." he said it was what he needed to hear and i was happy and inspired by the way that our conversations had melded and transformed. and the waitress came back with our sushi.

there was much more talk and i decided to speak lesser than more considering i'm at least five years younger than anyone else at the table. the business man did ask me how we'd all met and our purpose for the winter. i told him we'd met at camp and that we'd be working the hill this winter and that we were all there for positive and communal living. spiritual edification of sorts. he nodded his head in understanding and said some more kind and heartfelt words.

i fully believe that that dinner was arranged for more than just business. after handling the triple digit check, he thanked us all again, shaking our hands and wishing us the best for this winter. the three of us walked away, blessed by the meal and stoked by the work of the holy spirit.

i counted my money today and set aside the amount due for move in. i have enough.
until after that goes away.
i need work now. bad.
tomorrow is the interview again at the store.
thankfully the days are full so we're wasting no time.

i love living by faith. i'm trying to sell off some of the things that i have that i don't need. they might be good, but they might be hinderances as well.