Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 146

i don't anticipate much happening today. just wanted to put that out there right away. rain has got the outside covered so i'm in here eating pizza, reading, and waiting for a package to get here- i'll be editing a wedding video via the postal service.

i do have some things to share. they were written last night after posting and, seeing that i don't think it will be interesting to discuss the smell and feel of tangible books as opposed to reading online books and eating costco pizza, i'm taking an excerpt from a late night email and posting it for some thought provoke-tion. or entertainment. or so that i don't look lame for not posting later tonight when i can't think of anything to say after one hundred forty-five days.

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there was something about judges on a late night comedy show just now and i can't help but consider the awesomeness of being a judge. the law. even better, imagine staring down with a mallet as a television judge. the people's court. screaming people, all emotional about the nit picking details of their self absorbed, sad little lives, cry and yell their stories to you and then wait in silence for the gavel, your gavel, to come down. 'get a life.' 'go to jail.' 'just go home.' i would say to them. i would like that job, for a little while at least.

the second matter of business inspired from this night of t.v. has evoked some simple and fulfilling entertainment. conan o'brien introduced an average audience member who had finally made it into the audience on his fourth try only to have colin, as we discover his name to be, walk onstage and cross his leg in position on the infamous guest seat next to the desk of o'brien himself. conan is slightly sketched out and continues to talk about this invasion and lack of security throughout the rest of the show, but the overall spontaneouity of this performance inspires a common soul like myself. not that i'm planning on pulling this stunt myself, but still. good work, colin.

just now, on conan, a guest comedian just stated the fact that ''everything is amazing right now but nobody is happy'' in conversation concerning the economy and in humoring the possibility of returning to a simpler world of donkeys and selling pots door to door. he is still burning on people who complain about cell phones taking more than a couple seconds to get a signal from outer space and back and also shares the anger of a man on a flight where the free internet was lost halfway through the flight. ''stop complaining. you're sitting in a chair in the sky! you're flying!" there was more. i liked his thinking.

(the next section was just a raconteur of the death cab concert from a month ago that was still a part of the aforementioned email. the post from actual concert day lacked solid wording, so this makes up for that day)

death cab for cutie. concert. after wandering the festival in downtown seattle for the day and seeing indie film showings and an awkward afternoon show by paramore, the majority of the crowd crammed into a randomly placed stadium downtown for the nine p.m. concert. we stood towards the center of the floor space as far forward as we could before hitting the fence that separated us mere commoners from the higher-paying, v.i.p. concert goers who received the privilege of standing at least one hundred feet closer to the feet of ben gibbard and crew. parker and i made guesses at opening song choices and then stood there in amazement as both guesses were played consecutively. 'new year' and 'why you'd want to live here' are the two songs, if you're curious. i guessed the latter. the rest of their show was amazing and grooving. not groovy. i don't really like that word. its just that their music has a good and consistent groove to it in general, both live or in the buds of an ipod, so i really came to appreciate this unique sound as they skillfully maintained such a simple yet inviting sound to their music. it was just short of a tame dance party during parts of the concert and i couldn't help but notice little clouds of smoke make brief appearances above the crowd. the hippies brought the goods in an outdoor concert such as this. welcome to the west coast, i guess. anyways, the overall musicianship of the band as they switched instruments half way through songs and the like was inspiring to me and i would be lying if i said i went the whole show without feeling a bit of remorse with my sad location- lost amidst the shoulders of an ambitiousless, tripping society. i need to be on a stage like that. someday. someday."

i do like to email and have developed some cool contacts for conversational colloquial connection.

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