Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 172

the dying days of october taunt the strongest, fighting leaves with a smokey and surprisingly warm gust. there are swirling and dancing paper fires skipping and clicking across the pavement and i imagine that the shuffling leaves might be wondering where they're meant to be this winter as well.

more than twenty people showed up for the snowboarder's for Christ Bible study tonight. the discussion started by going around the room and having people listed the first, next thing they want to buy. then the commandment concerning coveting was brought up, then the subject of contentment, and through the transition of the night, a lot of people ended up sharing times where they've given things away to others, in faith and practicing contentment, even when it wasn't easy. once again, i wish i could remember the whole flow. i need a tiny tape recorder to bring everywhere. still, people here know what it is to live life.

scott and i had ridden bikes to the gathering while everyone else carpooled and, seeing that my situation is still unsettled and unclear, i pedaled to tim horton's after the study. out came the baggie of coins and i sorted out enough for a cup of coffee and sat down again to be still. silent. alone. listening.

tomorrow is friday- the last of the month and last day before move in. i'm not sure what's going to happen for me on that day.

still as we grabbed our lunches at the supermarket today, i imagined, for a few seconds, what it would be like to be living in rockford and to still be working at the sporting goods store. even in this current mix of uncertainty and provisions, i knew that i'd be wishing to live something like this if i happened to still be punching that green clock.

we're starting to put together our menu, of sorts, of cheap and healthy meal combos we've created during the past couple weeks. maybe that'll be put up here soon. they usually average 3-4 dollars. you might even find yourself wanting to try it out once or twice.

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