Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 171

we drove up one of the nearby mountains this afternoon. the drive up was about twenty minutes on a rocky and rutted path and it felt good to maneuver a 4x4 again. the three of us had mountain bikes and, after parking one car at the bottom, we drove the other to the top for the hour long bike down.

i didn't know what to expect and, after seeing ten foot drops and jumps and forty-five degree trickling tire paths, i took it easy and made sure the bike didn't ride me down. the scenery was awesome and the town of fernie sat quietly below amidst the river and fading treetops. i'm going to try to get back to the lower part tomorrow to do some shooting.

still there are no obvious answers today for the elusive next step. calls are being made and people are in on the situations, so it'll be a close call. word of mouth is good, though.

i got tired of all the thinking and explaining and re-explaining of this already detailed and confusing permit situation so i headed off to tim horton's tonight for some coffee and chill and silence. to be still. alone.

finally, being wednesday night, we went out for the open mic and jammed for a few hours. my lungs are seriously tired from the harmonicas.

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