Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day 155

i'm grateful, tonight and, again, overall.

tomorrow is thanksgiving. in canada. does anybody in the united states even know about this? i didn't really until just this year. all this time i was missing out on a potential back-to-back-to-back combo of major holidays months.

after an awesome stay at parker's house in washington, it's time to move on. maybe it's natural to imagine, during younger years, about meeting another self. i think that this is closer that i'd ever thought i'd come. obviously, we aren't dead-on twins or exact identical personalities, but overall, many similarities are there and i'm thankful to him and his family for temporarily allowing me into their family. the past month and a half have been incredibly blessed and bettered through it all.

i've booked a ride, now. i'm kind of looking forward to riding in a charter bus again. big windows. tall ride. seattle to vancouver.

here continues the journey. the adventure. the transition.

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