Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 170: part 1

this might be the end.

i went back up to the hill today to get the last papers for employment. the h.r. lady adamantly and, rudely even, rifled responses with an occasional dry, "this helps nothing" grin. the hill and company demands that foreigners have their working visa ahead of time. that's cool for everyone except americans who need the paperwork in order to get their permit. whatta catch 22.

this comes as a huge disappointment. i have a permit to work the very part-time job as janitor, but that alone might barely pay rent and i wouldn't have a pass for the mountain. right now i wonder if this is a bigger test of faith. maybe i've gotten self righteous by thinking too highly of the circumstances and events that have brought me this far.

for the first time i'm at a real loss of what to do next. move in date is three days away. hopefully i'll know before then.

it's only two in the afternoon and today is far from over. i'll be back on tonight to add some more and wrap up today. i think something is happening as i type.

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