Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 82

after an amazing sleep-in on real beds, the four of us awoke and decided to make breakfast. pictures to come, this was an epic breakfast. epic. we went to the foodstore at around noon and, as we collected things we thought we needed, we wondered why bacon and eggs and orange juice and fruit are all considered breakfast food in the three collective countries of our origins. later in the kitchen, the beatles played loudly and i had my first experience with a waffle iron. shaun made eggs and paul did bacon while kirk covered the toast and helped to guide us through his kitchen. we also had five dollars worth of blueberries and the waffles really did turn out beautiful and perfect. after two packs of bacon, seven or so massive waffles, a large bowl of blueberries, orange juice, eggs, and toast, we were happy so we left to go into the city.

cell phone talkers and fast paced walkers chased after buses and dodged raindrops throughout downtown vancouver. we ducked in and out of shops and stores and, once again, had an encounter with a bum who, this time, drew a picture of the four of us. we had just come out of a six-floored music store and i was still buzzing from an experience on the second level filled with black sparkling grand pianos. he asked if we were a band, we told him we were, and we were soon presented with a red scribbling that wasn't entirely devoid of artistic ability. still, it is what is. a bum drew a picture of us. later, in the skytrain tunnels, we met another bum who had a pigeon riding on his hat. he told us, and the video camera, that this bird, a 'spotted dove' was his best friend and has been with him for two years. dark still eyes loomed underneath the straw hat and the content pigeon bobbed along as they both stepped onto the train. later, i got bob dylan-like sunglasses at a vintage thrift shop.

there's a minor league baseball team in vancouver and tomorrow we're planning on going to a game. i'm pumped. this break has been awesome so far.

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