Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 72

a new week of starwood dv begins. it's exciting for both the kids and me, i think, because i get back involved in working and meeting and running around with them. doing just video work during some weeks is still solid, but teaching and guiding campers to explore their own inspirations is really good as well.

i feel awkward right now writing anything more about myself. i just read about a friend who died today. i saw it on facebook, sadly enough, and just found online rockford news reports that clarified and confirmed the sudden surge of people writing on this guy's wall. he had tried to save his dad from a toxic animal septic tank at their farm. this is a heavy thing because i wonder how other friends from rvc and the campus intervarsity are reacting and doing back home. this guy was really a bright guy with a good sense of humor. heavy.

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