Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 79

today is the first day where i'm able to honestly admit to being burned out. being down one guy and trying to get as much done as we can before wednesday and time off is a big part of that. for this week, they have meals set so that the staff integrate with the families and tables so there's been one family i've been able to meet and sit with a couple times and it's been good getting to talk to them and know them.

there was a moment of intenseness tonight. the other guy was taking his turn making highlights for tomorrow so i had to run q-town by myself. i've been saying all this time that i'm really not the person who loves to be plugging away with switchers and sliders. between song powerpoints and speaker videos and audio and soundboard duties and projectors and lights and running the speaker's slides, there were no real big problems. perhaps a rookie mistake in there, but i was doing all i knew how and it was all happening at once.

tomorrow is the last full day i will be here before i leave the island for break. i'm planning on packing the northface pack and carrying a camera bag for the trip. that's all.

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