Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day 55

this is for friday, july 4th. i'm american today. there isn't too big a difference, i don't think, between north americans here. canadian's long o's in words like process and progress and sorry still stick out though.

i'm starting this post early today. the mid-afternoon sun is bright and the rumbles and toots and chatter of buses are fading. outside my window, q-town is empty and silent. the field is clearing of people and the green grass seems to yawn as the last of stragglers trickle away towards the road. the buses are moving. kids are hanging out the windows, some waving and some crying, while a handful girls reach out to touch their counselors' hands one last time in the final stage of the process of goodbye.

after our weekly jones soda toast in our media office, i walked outside my office and heard birds. the first week of camp is over.

we had the rest of the day off before camps begin again tomorrow. me, paul, and shaun and rode with another dude to victoria. = we wandered around and skated the streets and sidewalks, went to a bookstore, and played some pool at a chill public billiards hall in the middle of downtown. we had been yearning for a chill place to go to that might have couches and a good atmosphere and this place totally exceeded our expectations once we settled in and heard the beatles and counting crows and frank sinatra's music being played.

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