Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 64

today is sunday. i wouldn't really know what day it was if it wasn't for the little day-title bar on this computer, but i think i miss going to church. there isn't much reason to keep a personal calendar here. this is only the first full day of the third week of camp and you could tell me that it was thursday or monday and i really wouldn't have a solid reason for disbelief. my computer would let me know i guess. even though its their first day, the campers are really intense about getting on camera. this week the kids have started learning our names so we're not just called 'cameraman.' nice.

since there has been a new flood of freshly-trained counselors, i didn't have to run the basketball courts this morning because some jobs were shifted. the other video guys had already started the shooting with the two cameras so they gave me the morning off. no camera, no computer, and no kids.

i took a kayak into the warming ocean. i ate an orange and floated farther than a shout from shore and bobbed in the gentle waves. the mainland mountains were clearly visible under the cloudless blue sky. a curious seal popped his head nearby. i floated for a little while and paddled back to the land and the dock.

i work too. i realize i tend to write about side adventures and such but somedays i can't imagine the result of logging the regular daily shootings and editing or capturing or whatever else. the breaks are valuable too.

whoa. i just found a site where you can listen to live shows from different musicians. i'm checking it out and so far so good. here.

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