Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 65

get this. i'm in the other video office on one of the video computers but still have full control of my computer that's sitting in my office. i can log and capture on the video computer and, like i am right now, can open a window to control my computer as well. screen sharing. leopard. nice. sometimes we prank each other by controlling vacant computers' photobooths. creepy.

today was my day to capture and make highlights. now that the day is finished, we're chillin around the office messing with a midi keyboard and techno software. the other night i stayed around to record some piano stuff on a keyboard program called ivory or something like that. it's all a pretty sweet bonus to this job.

today has been solid. i made it to breakfast and i think it helped the day go smoothly. i had planned on writing about some other things before this music distraction and i can't get back to that state of mind anymore. work is done and its time to jam and record before bed.

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