Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day 81

i'm off the island. after a busy morning of editing and shooting, lunch came and time off began. already, this day has been awesome.

shaun, paul, and i are hanging out with a guy kirk who lives on the mainland near vancouver. the ferry ride over was splattered with other qwanoes staff, but the three of us each brought a longboard and i had a backpack and camera. after docking, we were free to roam and ready to go.

kirk is a cool guy. his dad's a prof at trinity western and there's a '55 les paul hanging on the wall in the room as we watch a john mayer concert on the flatscreen on the wall. we both brought our canon dslrs tonight on our adventure.

earlier tonight we headed into vancouver for the last night of the week of fireworks. pedestrians flocked the dimming streets and faces glowed as people, numerous as ants, scattered and spread to find their own vantage point. after splitting with shaun and paul, who were at kfc, kirk and i sat on our longboards with our chinese takeout on the sidewalk and ate as people flowed past towards the waterfront. a grey whiskered, bald bum approached us and asked us for money for some kfc. i'm not sure why, but we told him that we had some friends at kfc who could help him buy the rest of a meal. he asked their names and then left saying 'he was going to blow their minds' by approaching them by name. the funny thing is that this guy had been in kfc earlier trying to scrape up a meal and had talked to shaun and paul, telling them he was going to rob the place. so bum man left us and went back to kfc. haha so random and the boy's had a great reaction when we met up with them a little later. we meet many bums on our adventures.

since this was our first time in vancouver, we rode the sidewalks and happened to find a solid looking carpark. guardless and mostly empty, we booked it up the stairs and ripped down. awesome.

after an amazing fireworks show, we glided through the darkness and crowded streets and made it back to the car in a fraction of the time it took earlier. there's a sea-wall sidewalk that borders the water and surrounds most of the city and in the dark, still, cool, salty air, the four of us cruised in silent bliss. shining city lights reflected on black water and people sifted and slid into the darkness to find their ways home.

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