Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 61

i had a little 'into the wild' moment this afternoon. after finishing editing one section of the dvd and waiting for another sequence's clips to import, i left the office and followed the path behind q-town. this path soon turns into a narrow trail that snakes through dense forests and huge ferns. the trail leads all the way down to the point, but i stopped at about halfway and decided to make a shelter. this must have rekindled some kind of boyish excitement because i spent the next forty-five minutes collecting logs and branches and moss to form and fortify a solid sleeping area between two boulders. the end product was impressively strong and sturdy. i'll probably go back to take some pictures of this later on this summer and maybe even test it out for a night.

i got back to my office and waited the remaining few minutes for the import to finish. we finished editing the dvd before dinner this week. last week's project wasn't done until midnight and it takes an additional four hours to duplicate all the needed copies. although i've learned that it's never safe to feel safe when you think media is going well, i have a feeling we won't be up the entire night this week. we screened the final product and made it to dinner only a few minutes late. i'm going to keep a copy of this edition.

tomorrow they go home. already. reviewing shots from earlier in the week gave us all a sense of amazement in the way that time has begun to speed up as we continue to flow better and better in our work. i really like all this.

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