Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 238

last week i heard my friend paul mention how people never really care to hear very much of another's story or trip or adventure after returning home. most of the essence was declared in the flow of some of his usual dry humor but i think that its a very true statement. no one wants to hear everything and usually one or two or maybe three interesting facts is enough to satisfy and dilute an average friend's interest.

since i agree with that overall tendency of human nature and have found it as true in my life in perspective of both sides of the story, i want to thank you for reading this blog. thanks for writing responses to posts. thanks for remembering me.

some read here every morning and i think that's incredible in the sense that it helps both humble and stoke my own perspectives and reactions to this journey. don miller writes in the first pages of 'through painted deserts' how it took him a while to understand that his trip was a story about leaving and i feel that the same idea is applicable here. even as i packed on that saturday afternoon long ago in preparation for sunday morning's early flight i had the strongest, unexplainable conviction that i wouldn't be back right away. now i read on another blog days ago how the traveler wasn't missing people in their mind as much as they missed being with the people in the same time and space. although most of us haven't seen the other in about eight months, i've been hoping to frequent this place with words and sometimes pictures to at least vicariously share some time and space together.

however i can't even imagine continuing the same kind of life that had been left back home in may. it seems entirely impossible at this point and i think that's a very good thing. i do want to finish school- and badly now at that- but for the first time in my life i want to pursue education under my own desire to learn and not in a mass rush and hardly-inspected manner of confused growth and forced development. just playing piano here in the 4.5 star resort makes me feel more and more alive each time. writing a few words here and there on this blog has kept me observant of the big picture and ways that God's been working and i want to keep this perspective forever.

thanks for meeting me here. one day i trust we'll meet again in the same time and physical space and i might tell you one or two interesting facts about the past year in total but you're curiosity will soon fade because you've been here every step of the way. thanks for that.

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Whitney Autumn said...

you're writing is clear. i like that. it strikes me odd that you believe people are satisfied with only one or two details about said "adventure" experiences. our past conversations have challenged this thought... i hope. ;)