Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 258

sixteen teams created cardboard dummy vehicles for the downhill event. teams came from as far as calgary for the annual competition and corrugated boats and toboggans and a helicopter were all large enough to carry most, if not all, of each four man team. they started at the top of a tame slope and had to maneuver about 250 yards down the hill and try to stop on a massive spray paint bulls eye in the snow. a few hundred people suddenly showed up along each side of the boundaries with cameras and cheers and our events volunteer crew ran the competition. a couple times an out-of-control team would go smashing through the two layers of blue plastic mesh fencing we'd put up towards the bottom of the hill and we'd have to go redrill holes in the ice and restore the fence.

the sky was bright and clear but freezing air clamped heavy little traps around our covered fingers and toes. a few times during the day we'd have some free time and i'd take a couple lifts up to the top of the mountain and make a few runs. carve a few turns. shred.

by the way, this could come in handy.

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