Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 240

the dark sky is filled with the biggest and thickest snowflakes i've ever seen. the street lights have giant halos and everything is muffled and seems to move in slow motion, lulling people to an early night. the skies have been black for a while and its not even six oclock.

i'm coming from the grocery store and about to clean the church this night but i'm glad to be out of the house. this shouldn't sound bad but i'm getting tired of roommates. i guess connections to community are evident when i start saying that some people seem loud or lazy or don't do much to help. sometimes the kitchen floor will be covered in dried noodles and dust and crumbs and parts of frozen vegetables and some are happy to say that 'they don't care about messes.'

there's much left to happen this winter and we're only starting the new year. interestingly, i've had two friends in the area who are making a drive to chicago and the another to colorado in may. something might work out. lately the pacific highway one has been on my mind too.

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