Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 257

a few years ago while browsing the career and college section of borders bookstore i found this book. the literary documentary impressed me with its fresh perspective and thrill and the idea of traveling around and interviewing important people was more than inspiring for my fresh, high-school-completed mind. i put that green book back on the shelf that same pre-college summer and haven't thought about it since.

now tonight i've had some random thoughts that have just reminded me of that project.

and after watching all this cnn and all that political news and trying to forge some sort of an informed and solid political opinion, i had a wild idea. all this news and transition of power made me wonder about what george bush is up to. the news says he's back in texas. back home on his ranch. and unlike his predecessor, bush might have half a shot at going to live a somewhat unspotlighted post-career. i read today that he'd experienced one of the lowest approval ratings so i'd imagine he be left alone for a little while. even the t.v. talking heads said something to cause enough curiosity for me to research it a bit.

i want to vagabond around texas some day. and try to meet george bush. and have conversations. at least one conversation. i told you that this was crazy, but i never could have dreamt this current adventure and ties and experiences as they've happened and i'm not really about denying future ideas.

i'd imagine that somehow i'd find myself sitting with him on some sort of back porch overlooking some texan plains and i'd ask some questions. i'd have a notebook and maybe it would work out that he would be willing to talk with someone young who isn't there to grill or judge or exploit or bother. that's the extent of the plan so far.

just a wild idea. if you have connections then email me.

heres a couple pictures of nate from the trip to whitefish, montana. click for full size.

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