Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 243

we've been talking about how the options for things to do in a ski town like this are low on any given night. bad weather and early darkness are two natural enemies. thankfully we have a good and large group of friends to at least hang out with but even watching movies and playing games are about as creative as we've been able to get lately. the rest of the town heads to the pubs and bars and then show up to work the next morning with a pulsing head or stumbling step. i don't see much of a point to do any of that, but there are no bowling alleys or hardly any coffee shops open past six or seven.

still the small town vibe is good. i can't imagine anywhere else where a town full of international travelers and seasonal snowbirds and mountain locals can grow so close and comfortable with each other in an already fast-passing season. there are really only three and a half months left here for most of us and we feel more and more at home each day with the people we know and are still meeting.

getting used to snowy mountain life does make me begin to imagine beaches or warm nights of travels and summers past. i've been thinking about the salty new england shore lately and have had an increasing desire to see atlantic waves dash cold water against thawing rocks. lighthouses and brick buildings. maybe in spring this will happen.

regardless of the future, its been very good to share all this with a solid group of ragamuffin travelers and like-minded people looking for more in life and relationship and spirituality.

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