Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 265

one hundred days away from the big three-sixty-five. i think it might happen here on vagabonded, too.

there's a little bit of catching up to do. the northern on main street was packed tonight- so much so that even our group of friends had to wait outside in the lineup. i talked to the bouncer and tried to use my position as a band member to get a bunch of them in but it only resulted in having to choose jared, paul's visiting brother, for immediate access because he was my video guy for the night. the rest were let in eventually and i'll be editing his footage from that night into a demo to distribute to the other venues around town and will hopefully post that up vid here soon as well.

i don't know how to write about music that well. or our band. but if you can imagine some sort of crunchy, alternative and even a little funked-dropped-7th kind of hot hot heat or cold war kids infusion, then we've gotten farther than i first thought possible. genre is hard to explain, but our band chemistry is sweet and playing for packed weekend crowds is a new and exciting addition to this life.

the night is late and already well past two am. friend from montana made the trip up for this weekend's show and we're all thoroughly tired but i'm so thankful for the group of friends here and the opportunities being presented to our little music project.

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