Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 266

i got home today after six p.m. and was chatting the regular kind of arrival talk with paul, shaun, and jared. those three always seem to be home and in a chill vibe no matter what time it is and its a comforting expectation. there was a message from someone in the band- another venue had called our band and requested us to play tonight. the guys came by and we packed up and headed out.

now, after just returning, i am thoroughly excited and thankful and overall inspired. i chose to walk home from the gig because the dark air war fairly warm for winter but more so i knew i couldn't handle being dropped off at the house and sitting around after a night like tonight. the drummer lives near by and we walked the empty streets of a snow-lacking ski town talking about music and where we'd come from in our lives and we both shared the same vibe on the night.

i'm so thankful and stoked on all of this.

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