Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 280

albertan families rush fernie this time of year. from what i gathered during a lift conversation with a college guy, their entire province has a holiday this weekend. british columbia and the ski resort held family weekend and invited these usually disdained citizens of the neighboring province. fleets of mid sized suvs and mini vans flood the valley here and fill the ski field. locusts.

today was supposed to be the busiest day of the entire season. my friends and roommates all came home semi disgusted and mostly worn out and with tales of mass crowds and rude people.

another couple friends from camp are visiting tonight. one of them is a pastry chef and i learned the best way to make rice pudding. good thing, too, cause i still have about ten pounds of grains left.

we had an event on the hill today that nobody actually came to do. our little events volunteer team was thankful for this, however, and since it snowed last night we were free to ride the freshest powder available for most of the day. one of the rarer, small lifts was opened and i did some big traversing to pursue what looked like billows on the side of a double black. somehow, the powder didn't understand how to fill that place but parts of the rest of the mountain were clean and pure for a few hours.

i'm honestly quite tired and have banged through this raw post and am about to hit publish. i think i have a picture on tomorrow.

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