Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 267

memories of tiny stages and crowded rooms and hardwood dance floors and sweat and music gear float in my mind now that i've had more than just a handful of hours of sleep since the weekend night shows and other regular routines.

today is a beatles day. that was evident from the moment of awakening. yesterday was 90's music day so the counting crows and the wallflowers and the verve were the choices for play.

i hopped out of a half-started shower to go for a run instead. impulsive. the streets are mostly clear of snow or ice and the air is warm enough to wear shorts if you don't stop moving. at least i thought so when i left. my body reminded me that i hadn't gone for a run since probably june, but now after a shower and a sandwich and some chilling with the boys at the house, my mind is clear and body fresh and i'm at the organic market coffee house. the beatles are playing on a sixties station and a dread head is in head-bent conversation with a girl near my usual seat. i'm happy to go to the other side of the shop and sit down with bob dylan, hunter s thompson, and then the handful of writers in the new new journalism book.

the sweater girl behind the counter confirms that i'm here for the usual. yep. she gave me a discount on organic coffee- some sort of gold coast, australian medium roast. smooth.

i wonder if there's some sort of deep synchronicity to life and happiness because sitting here i realize that for the first time in my life i'm able to be just one person and be living one vibe that is relevant and satisfying in anything that happens. there is no formal school performance zone or egotistic-swaggered baseball demand. no big city, drive-through thoughtlessness and no flatland restlessness.

there've been some ideas in my mind the past couple days that, to me, seems best for action because of the way previous deficiency and inabilities have now been turned into ability and stability, leaving me still aware of what i had been feeling and seeing not too long ago. vague, yes, but we'll definitely come back to this. its just a hard thing to explain- left hand, right hand kind of secrecy interactions if you catch my drift.

tim leaves very soon. here is his travel playlist, peppered with past road trip and adventure tunes and aimed at the best overall travel-motion-chill-memory flow as possible. i just finished so you'll see it first.

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