Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 284

the adult ski comp started today. my duty had me next to free ski world champion jeff holden under our judges' tent and i kept times of the skiers' descents and tallied the judges' scorecards as he handed them to me after each skier's run. we sat in folding chairs on the snow bundled up in parkas and layers and some of us were poking out of sleeping bags as well. good times.

it was a little weird to me, though, to know that i was sitting next to this posterized and idolized figure of the ski world and i wasn't that impressed- like we were just doing jobs that day that were entertaining, unique, and fun. cool, but collected.

it hit me today that its been over nine months without a cellphone in my pocket or my own car. i'm loving this.

after getting home from day one of the ski comp, i showered and tucked a couple books under the arm of my flannel shirt and walked over to the organic market. the girls that work there greet me by name and as we talk at the counter i notice one of my town friends already there reading at a table.

they shop was preparing the layout for a fondue party later that night and cindy, one of the owners, asked how i was doing as she shuffled chairs nearby. i answered and then asked her the same to which she slyly responded, in the same words from a few seconds earlier, "i'm tired, but it's a good tired."

this is a good life.

now tonight, i went over to nate's house to chill with gareth, who's leaving town on his way back to new zealand. a pharmacy job there is too great a commitment to forsake, no matter how tempting, to continue life here.

on the bike ride home through the clear starry mountain air, i rode past the brickhouse. jazz and blues jam night. the place was packed but i knew some of the guys and i pulled my harmonica out for a song. people took pictures of us afterwards. man this is sweet.

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