Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 274

the crackle of pancake batter on a hot skillet was the first thing i heard this morning. i noticed that the other boys were waking as well and melanie had started cooking a breakfast. i realized that the deer heads on the wall really do seem to keep an inescapable eye on whoever is wherever in the room as i hopped from the top of a log bunk bed. the four of us guys made our snowboarding plans for the day while our montana friends here went to their respective jobs and classes.

the mountain was cold and cloudy and even at the top the skies hadn't cleared. this was disappointing, a little, because i wanted to see the mountains of glacier national park again. but the riding was fun and decent enough despite a crisp frost on most powder sections.

at the end of the day we were talking about cool it is for the four of us to have come from such different places and countries and to become friends in fernie and with the people here in montana who feel just a part as our group as the rest back up north.

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