Sunday, May 11, 2008

Day 1

i've left the midwest and all the people I know for the second consecutive summer. rockford drifted out of the rear-view mirror at 5 am on a rainy sunday morning and chicago left the ground a few hours after daylight had arrived. customs miraculously took a mere 10 minutes total and the day's entire travels were very smooth. chicago-seattle-vancouver, then a 2 hour ferry-ride across the georgia strait and another 45 minute truck ride through small towns along the waterfront made for a long day, but the stillness, the thick forests, the mountains, the water, and the fresh, deep air is here and mine for the next few months. i got here in time to have some left over pizza, check out my office where the video editing work will go down, and then crash in the dorm i share with 3 other canadian guys who work here now too. i'm the only american so far and got called foreigner, but the people are chill and cool and the camp looks solid so i'm more than happy to take it from here.

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