Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day 3

i used my red northface raincoat for the first time today. as indecisive and changing as the weather seems to be around here, i noticed how strange it was that the same overcast skies and lazy intermittent drizzle were consistent from the morning until the still-hidden sun faded behind still-grey clouds. then darkness.

today was a good day off. i slept in until lunch and caught a ride down the winding road to crofton where a guy named chris and i got coffee at a tiny shop near the water. the walk back confirmed a strong and growing attraction to the forestry and air of this place. after getting back, i wandered around and took pictures along the grey water and pier and misty forest. a new zealander named tim and i have planned to climb the mountain on thursday and we just got back from wal mart after buying some crackers and canned fish for the hike. i'm looking forward to it. i had a bacon cheeseburger at the mcdonalds inside the store also. three times. payed with a dollar-fifty american currency. three times. to the same girl who couldn't stop smiling about each purchase. three times. i was hungry.

i've developed a routine of listening to the beatles at night when i'm on the computer. right now. this is by no means a new trend, but over the past couple days i've heard more people singing, whistling, and playing beatles' songs than ever before in my life and it's been good.

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