Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 250

i need to get moving. but not of forceful and fleeting motivation.

its just that recent desires are calling for swift motion.

but not from this town.

the urge pulls from nowhere in particular and pushes towards no outward direction.

this urge wants to                make                      space.


wind whipping windows. hand-hovering highway. glaring glass gashing gazes. black bottom bumper basement.

walking everywhere here is good, but its slow.

i woke up this morning and went straight outside. the sun was warm and full. the mountain and i acknowledged another again. its been a while. schedules might have made us both a little apathetic lately.

so tomorrow we head out. saturday. day trip. away. me, tim, and another friend who's due introduction. tomorrow, i'd imagine. i don't know her that well yet.

we leave with small plans.

a shortlist: hot springs. thrift store. music store.

there's a playlist prepared

a steady snare. a starchy strum. velum vocals. howling harmonica.

and with it all comes great momentum.

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