Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 237

i need to start taking pictures again. i've been kind of busy though and am cautious about taking my camera out into the cold.

this crisp morning held a million pictures in my mind and i wished there was a way to produce images from visualizations and imagination. the mountains looked morbid in the minus thirty air and every tree was frosted and frozen. beyond their highest border, the extending white peaks held a piercing contrast against the blue sky. my jacket is no longer warm and malleable as it had been seconds before leaving the house and now crinkles like new paper. every inhale is slowed by a temporary, inward freeze and every exhale is caught and frozen beneath the beard to create a crispy feel across my chin. cars sputter and smoke along the highway and i imagine my own cone-shaped condensation freezing instantly after conception and falling to shatter against the snow packed street. this is real cold.

now just a few minutes ago, a friend who works next door at the curry bowl restaurant has knocked on the front door. even though its after midnight, he's just gotten off work and is delivering some left over and extra curry dinners. stellar.

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