Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 246

the audio story of the hobbit took me a long way today. seriously. books on tape are the new way to go to work.

after listening to the entire thing and then replaying the last chapter another half dozen times, i found myself feeling a bit like bilbo. that sounds ridiculous, i know, and i almost didn't type that but the last chapter tells how the hobbit sits content in his hole and begins writing the memoir of his adventure and of the different friends he's made. but instead of dwarves and elves and wizard, i've made handfuls of kiwi and aussie and canadian and swedish friends. foreign but special. and here's where i stop making life analogies to lord of the rings.

this town is scattered with placards and posters explaining the legend of fernie. it's interesting enough to share.

and i'm boardless again. the one that had been recently provided turned out to be a long lost possession of my friend's landlord's friend. and they want it back. that coin is back in the air.

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