Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 245

sleep is always the last alternative. i've been tired for most of today but now that i can be still and chill, nothing inside me wants to go to bed anymore.

i was in this same phase last night when i happened across this BOOK online. i don't make many compulsive buys but after reading the cover and part of the summary i hopped on amazon. a copy is on its way.

today at work i listened to the audio book of this. now i've just uploaded 'the hobbit' for tomorrow.

tim talks about his stint working on an oil rig last year and last night curiosity got the better of me. i looked up oil rigs in the u.s. and an entry position like a 'radio operator' pays sixty grand and the job description says to 'bring a lot of books.' this interests me at the moment. i could bring a ton of text and non fiction books and study music and logic and psychology and everything and get paid. in all honesty the likeliness of that happening is slim to none. still the idea appeals to me.

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