Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 170: part 2


i am laughing now, even though i lost the security of a full time job today and the value of a free, one thousand dollar ski pass that comes with it. it's no wonder why nobody knows about american-canadian work visa protocol. i'd guess that those who've tried either gave up and never spoke of the frustration again or just ran away into the country forever and started a new life chopping wood and making log cabins. into the wiiiild.

anyways, things did happen during part two of a difficult day.

there was double comfort and ease in talking to a good friend from back home. funny how older friends are always a little more there in the interpretation of whatever situation you're in now.

seconds after goodbye and the accumulated readiness to take whatever next steps in a deeper exercise of faith and trust, one of the my new friends in nearby montana, from the weekend, hit me up about the situation and made a suggestion. montana has a solid ski mountain resort and she knows cool people i could stay with. then we could come visit fernie on the weekends and such. just the thought of the simplicity of working in my own country is an incredible concept

secondly, my friend in washington talked about going to portland for the winter. portland.

both these developed right after the frustrating and blinding setback. in some respects, i'm in the same place i was this morning. on the other hand, i'm starting to wonder if faith is trusting farther than i can see. i still have a couple job interviews here for the next couple days. i definitely haven't made any decisions yet either way. i don't decide.

it should be known that, in all this, i still have the strong and remarkable feeling that the adventure is not yet over. and why should it even be? even after some bad news today concerning the inability to work on the hill due to the catch 22, i've come to accept that perhaps the plans for the future are not as inclusive as i first thought and, if approached in faith and trust, they might just be the dot on the horizon that leads to something never seen before. nate, the new new zealand guy who's staying as a temp in this house as well, shared the same sentiments when we went to the grocery store. he had come over to attend a Bible college that ended up falling apart before the semester started.

also, i've reached a point where, for the first time in probably forever, i'm actually looking forward to going to school to study and finish a degree. i'm not sure what or where it's going to be yet, but i don't need that understanding right now. this part of the big transition is complete. only a couple more to go.

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