Monday, October 27, 2008

Day 169

i headed to church this morning for my first day of work as janitor of fernie fellowship baptist church. it's a good place and i'm glad to be plugged in and officially and legally employed in only one weeks time of first attending the church. i got my key and code today and went over the list of duties one last time with the now former janitor as she heads off tomorrow for an backpacking trip to india.

the rest of the day didn't go as planned and i didn't get as much accomplished as i wanted. it all came down to bad breaks. i was discouraged, a little, and let myself ponder the situations ahead, considering if this is actually the right decision and place to be. i needed a prod.

i did get interviews set up with the lodge restaurant manager for playing live music in their restaurant in the winter. he's gonna call to set up a time on thursday for me to come over and play for him. this is in that same room from a couple nights ago with the digital baby grand and big windows.

still, with a such a low amount of free cash during this settling period i'm being very careful about spending on anything, but wanted to attend one of my friend's birthday dinners at a decent curry bowl restaurant with the rest of the guys. i couldn't buy any food there, i knew, but we had a good time anyways. as the rest ordered and received their food, the waitress happened to bring out a mistakenly made order. she was flustered and knew there was nothing she could do about it now, so she dropped it onto the table and mumbled that it wouldn't be put on the check. the guys slid the plate towards me and i was provided for, in timely and last second fashion, once again.

money can't buy faith. faith can't buy money.

i could live like this forever.

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