Friday, October 17, 2008

Day 160

for the first time in days, i was up before the sun. soon after 7:15 am and goodbyes, i was picked up and jumped into the packed back row of a two door car and the three of us headed east. i miss mornings. low fog traveled in a suspended stream and the clouds held gold lining over the tops of awakening pine trees and rolling mountains. the two lane highway, winding along crashing streams and yellow leaves, held no regard for further signs of civilization. we were into the wild, in the mountains, in a small car that carried huge excitement and anticipation for the next corner and bend.

perhaps the most exciting part in all this, i considered quietly during lunch, is that the outcome will happen exactly as it should. i've come this far. everything has unfolded as so. there's comfort and confidence in being able to take and accept the next step in full realization and submission to a plan bigger than my own.

this town is small and still. quiet. even at barely 10:30 p.m., i walked outside and could see no one. stores close early. the mountain looms, barely traceable, in the dark, thick sky.

tomorrow starts a really important next two weeks.

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